Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boaters Unite - Again

I think BW want us to do this, but they have thought of a new method for us to think seriously about how, when and where we moor. I am sure you are aware of BW's plans to auction/tender moorings. If you are against this, please sign the new online petition. For details of the "crazy" scheme see the Waterscape website.

The IWA press release of 20th June encourages boaters to sign the petition and a conduct a "mass action of direct correspondence". Written complaints should go to Sally Ash at BW HQ - Willow Grange, Church Road, Watford, Herts. WD17 4QA. The IWA are also encouraging letters to local MPs.

We feel putting moorings out to tender is a very discriminatory method and many boaters will not benefit from this. Not everyone has access to the internet, either by choice or lack of interest. Why should they be charged extra to use the postal system.

"Market Value" is driven by those who can afford to, not those who cannot. Many people on the waterways cannot afford to compete. It discriminates against those boaters who have been on mooring waiting lists, patiently waiting for their name to get to the top only to be "gazumped" by an auction bidder.

The scheme is yet another way of penalising the very people who keep the waterways alive. BW seem to have forgotten the value of the enthusiasts who by their hard work played a huge part in restoring the waterways system to it's current health. These boaters, many now pensioners, still want to add value to BW's assets. They have enthusiasm but unfortunately not financial resources.

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