Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NHS And Summer Solstice

One of the concerns about living aboard is Links to Health Services. There has been quite a lot of discussion on prescriptions on Canal World Forum.

Living in a marina gives us a postal address so registering with a GP is straightforward. Our GP surgery uses an on-line service (the link gives an example, not ours!) for appointments with a GP and even more useful the system can be used for ordering repeat prescriptions. You can either have the prescription posted to you or collect the medicines at a local chemist or supermarket.

An extension of this would be having everything on line and "virtual surgeries". A visit to a GP for review could be arranged with the surgery you are registered at, regardless of whether you have a postal address or not.

Dare I say it? When the NHS eventually puts all the records on a secure on-line service, GPs, hospitals and patients would be able to communicate as necessary and the Doctors could update health records for other professionals to see. Meanwhile it might be worth trying NHS Choices to search for local services.

On a completely different subject the Summer Solstice is on Thursday. Avebury is very near here, but we are not tempted as the roads will be very congested and there is very limited parking available.

Part of the circle of stones at Avebury.
We did a quick "drive through" on the road through the stones back in the Spring. However we will return to visit properly sometime.

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