Sunday, November 11, 2007

Banter In Bradford

We joined in with a Canal Forum Banter yesterday evening. It was in Bradford on Avon at the Beehive Pub. A real ale pub.

As per usual we go lost on our way to Bradford!

It seems to be a place we really haven't got the hang of by road! The first time, we went to Bradford on Avon marina was to watch the relaunch of a narrowboat. That was OK, as we following a flat bed lorry with a repainted boat from Bath Narrowboats at Sells Green.

The second time was when Epiphany was launched at the same marina. We followed to begin with and then when the driver stopped for a break we went on on our own - and got lost!

In the end we had to ring for directions and got there just before the lorry arrived.

We couldn't miss the launch of our boat so were a bit stressed!

This time we looked at a map. Unfortunately that didn't help! We were OK until Trowbridge when once again we took a wrong turning. We went to the wrong bridge over the Kennet and Avon canal and after a detour via Trowbridge again, found the right bridge and the pub!

It was a good evening as there were 5 forum members there plus wives and children. Namely - Moley, Wriggle Fingers, Snibble, Big John and David Schweizer. For Big John and for the other members it was great to put names to faces. Of course the conversation centred around boats and canals but there were also great and lively discussions about the history of the area, hamsters, schools and universities.

Thanks guys - a fun evening.

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