Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Be Prepared"

Question - As I am now a qualified First Aider (again - my certificate lapsed 2 years ago) as of today, will I ever use the lessons I learned today?

I suppose it is all about the motto "Be Prepared". Is that the Scouts' or Guides' motto? Never having been either I am not sure. In many ways I hope I never have to use the skills. Working with elderly people in the community it is a good idea to have some idea of what to do but First Aid is only First Aid and not treatment. It's first and primary purpose is to preserve life until more skilled help arrives.

So this evening I feel today was worthwhile after all.

To continue the theme of "Be Prepared". - The day started badly - a non functioning Webasto.

So being hooked up, (the electricity pod is fairly near!) on went the immersion for hot water. An advantage of being in a marina. But you can see why we like to get out on the cut as often as possible.

A dead stove, so no heating from there either! Sod's law, if one fails so will the other! It serves me right as I was saying last night that as long as I am warm I am happy! So you can imagine my mood this morning, an early morning at that. I am not a morning person so I was definitely not a happy bunny. A hot shower, food and John's TLC restored me enough to go to work!

This evening still no joy from the Webasto so we need a "man who can" tomorrow, but lots of heat from the stove and after a meal and I am now contented! Spooks to look forward to on the box and a quiet evening relax. We are still really glad to be on our narrowboat! Living on it we have to "Be Prepared" for anything!

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