Friday, November 02, 2007

A Winter Lament

I heard on the radio yesterday that we have had an "Indian Summer". Very little if any rain in October and warm temperatures too. It was up to 18 degrees C in some places yesterday and certainly the sun has some warmth in it today.

It is strange however that all my senses say it is winter!- Sight (dark mornings and evenings, leaves turning and dropping, smoke from chimneys, fewer boats on the move). Smell (rotting leaves, wood fires, diesel). Touch (cold metal, frost, damp cold wood). Hearing (changes in bird calls, fewer boat engines, less "people noise") and yes, even taste (yummy winter puddings).

It is no wonder some days seem topsy turvy, disorientating and strange. That is not because I have been "indulging"! Though I have to say it helps to lift the gloom of winter evenings. Ice and snow seem not to be part of our winters any longer, certainly very rarely in the West Country. However, we were amongst this ice on the Shroppie in January 2004

This week three years ago we were also "winter cruising"on the BCN on Twelfth Night, here we are moored at guess where!

Travelling through the BCN, here are a few snaps. There was still a bit of colour to offset the industrial gloom

Old meets new

So now I turn back to some of the summer fun, photos and experiences to remind me that the winter is really quite short and it is what you make of it that counts. So some positives about winter -
Glowing stoves, sharp crisp days (where are they?), winter light at midday, fewer boats when cruising - well on the go anyway! Christmas, New Year, and holidays. Best of all, looking forward to Spring!

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