Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Old Boat

This narrowboat must know the "Shroppie" very well and could almost steer herself! Thanks to another blogger we have an up to date pic of Twelfth Night at Gnossal. If any of the TNOA read this - I think one or two do, was it you?

TN, as we knew her, is a 6 berth share boat with a very amicable set of owners. Built and managed for her owners by JD Boat Services, Gailey. Share boating is an extremely good introduction to all weather boating on the canals. We deliberately chose weeks in the winter so we could get an idea how we would cope in all weathers. Over five years we had snow, fog, sleet, gales (frightening ones!) and also some wonderful warm sunny days during these weeks.

We were very fond of her, impressed by her design and handling - so much so that JD Boats almost had the commission for Epiphany. They build and fit out the share boats as well as for the Viking Fleet based there. In the end distance of travel to the builder won out and we chose Colecraft and Bath Narrowboats!

The owners were dedicated to looking after her - and so enjoyed their time on her that they voted to extend the 10 year agreement for another 5 years before considering selling her. It is good to see her enjoying her "home territory" still.

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