Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Up The Shroppie"

Many of those who blog seem to be on the system in the "Midlands". This being our old stamping ground with nb Twelfth Night we love seeing pictures and reading stories from that area. My favourite at the moment being nb No Problem's blog - pottering around on the Shroppie! As many of you follow Sue and Vic I know you will already be appreciating her wit and interesting comments.

The Shroppie bridges - 45 looking towards 46

The Shroppie is a beautiful canal and we used to join it at Autherley for short trips to Norbury Junction and Market Drayton (of Gingerbread fame - wonderful dipped in sherry!). One year we went all the way up to Hurleston Junction for a wonderful trip on the Llangollen Canal. That was our third trip on the Llangollen - two other on Anglo Welsh boats! It is a "cut and fill" canal so has cuttings and embankments. This is a lovely cutting near Brewood know as Stretton Spoil Banks.

The Montgomery Canal is reached from the Shroppie at Frankton locks. We really enjoyed our trip on this bit of restoration "in progress". As on other parts of the Shroppie in the past, the WRGies are working hard on this canal. They had a camp to rebuild the wharf wall at Redwith Bridge.

On our return trips we always felt sad when we got to this lock.

Wheaton Aston Lock was the last "real" lock (apart from the 6" lock at Autherley onto the Staffs and Worcs) before Twelfth Night's mooring at Gailey.

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  1. The area looks completely different now as you will be able to see on my latest blog. Oh and I think I got a nice 'I spy' photo for you to enjoy too!

    Take care you both



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