Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All Quiet On Epiphany

Yes, we are still here!
A visit to Cornwall at the weekend means that I haven't blogged for a few days. Cornwall was cold but not as cold as here, "up country" as the Cornish say. The minimum temperature was about 4 degrees where as in Wiltshire it has been -5 to -8 degrees most nights.

The milder climate in Cornwall means that all the daffodils are out and so too are the camellias. The roadsides around Truro and the Roseland Peninsula have banks full of daffs, it really makes you think spring is on the way! We even saw a cherry tree in bloom!

The only problem with daffs out at this time is that they can be over for Mothering Sunday. However as Easter is early this year so are all the other "special" dates and the daffs and primroses will be around for picking for the children to give to their mothers at Church!

Although I took the camera I didn't take any photos, partly as we were busy and partly because it was rather grey and overcast. We were glad to come back to the blue skies of Wiltshire and I never tire of the wide open spaces, which despite the lack of sea can give us a view to the horizon.

John managed to do some paint touching up on Epiphany today once it warmed up today so we have some fresh looking rubbing stakes and stern gunnels on the starboard side - time to turn her around to do the other side! But I think the weather is changing - the barometer is dropping and the humidity has gone up!

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