Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day! No, not off the boat but from the marina that we have been in since Epiphany was launched. Firstly on a leisure mooring and then since April last year when we moved aboard, on a residential mooring.

So where are we off to? We are staying on the Kennet and Avon canal whilst I continue to work, but fortunately the canal is never far away from my workplace or the community visiting I do.

We will be located in the Pewsey area. As regular readers know we enjoy moving around on the boat and although it has been convenient to be in the marina we prefer being on the "cut". In fact some of the residents in the marina accuse us of never being here!

So we will be losing our land line - this means no good broadband access! Maybe it will be good discipline as our mobile package currently gives us evenings and weekends for the internet! We are watching with interest the developments in mobile broadband and if anyone has experience - both good and bad, please do let us know.

So our blog will change slightly - smaller and less pictures possibly, due to the slow upload speed if 3G is not available! However as soon as we decide which is the best system and as mobile internet improves we will decide what to do. "Big John" would be "lost" without the internet! I if I am honest I would miss it too!

Thinking about other things we lose by moving out of the marina such as a convenient elsan point, diesel, water on tap - well almost, and electricity, we know we can manage without all that!

After all what is being on the cut all about? It is about being able to move around, be as self sufficient as possible and as relaxed as possible! Having a new garden on a regular basis and meeting other boaters.

I am sure you can add to this list and we know we are going to enjoy it. We can't wait!


  1. I have found T Mobile to be the best on the Kennet and Avon Canal, and at the moment they do have a deal for £15 a month which will give you a maximum of 3GB data transfer over that time, and you get a free modem. You will need to sign up for two years though, but I dont see that will be a problem, it will be fast enough, even as fast as your usual broadband in some places.. technically all that can get better of the next two years is the reception.

    I also have a normal 3g phone which is bluetooth, and I can put in an orange 3g pay as you go sim in there and for just £1 a day can get unlimited data using the phone as a modem as a backup if the t mobile does not work. The only spot I found it didn't was at Great Bedwyn on the visitor moorings.

    Hope that helps

    Sue xx

  2. Continuing on my last comment, I have today just been to get myself a new deal as my contract with t mobile has come to an end. I walked into Carphone Warehouse and was delighted when they told me a new deal started this morning.

    It is £15 just like the t mobile deal, but they are giving £120 cash back as long as you send in the bill for months 4 and 8. This makes just £10 a month.

    I have it working now, and it is very quick. I am impressed! Sue

  3. Thanks for these suggestions Sue, all info greatly received. You do not say which service provider the new deal is with. John understands it all better than I do so I have passed it on to him - lol

  4. It is with t-mobile exactly the same as you will get in the t-mobile shop, but carphone had the better offer!



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