Thursday, February 07, 2008

The River Avon In Flood

John has been gadding again! Oh the joys of retirement and the sorrows of being tied to a job:-)

Yesterday he went to Bristol on family business and also met up with his brother who lives there. It was a brilliant sunny day and of course the river attracted them - John's bro is also a boater when he can at holiday times. In fact he was with us on our first canal trip (before we got married) on the Grand Union from Cosgrove and then again on our first Anglo Welsh hire boat on the Stratford and Avon the next year. When was that? Erm.....? Autumn 1973 and March 74 (a cold early Easter with snow) when we were young and foolish!

The River Avon is in flood so there are no boat movements, apart from I suppose, the floating harbour. As you can see from this photo taken on St Philip's Bridge development along the river into Bristol continues.

John and Pete had lunch at the Old Lock and Weir Ale House at Hanham, opposite Hanham lock. This is the river from the garden.

There are, as they say in advertisements, other pubs at the location too! The Chequers Inn, above.

A walk after lunch produced some photos.

If you look closely above you can just see Hanham lock bottom gates, the lock and the top gates open. In other words - who needs a lock when the river is in flood! I think it might be closed!

So where has the weir gone? The lock is to the right bottom in the photo above.

Hardy boaters moor their boats in the weir stream


  1. Great post. Loved the pictures.

    Keep it up.

  2. Thank you - we do our best to please! Hope you keep coming back!


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