Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Wonderful Day, A Short Cruise

What an absolutely glorious day! John had someone coming to look at the Renault Clio we are selling (anyone interested? - late 53 plate, 24,400 miles, in v. good condition, FSH!) and then we decided to make the most of the weather and take an afternoon cruise. John also wanted to test his new gadget - a GPS to map our route on Waterexplorer.

So about 1 pm we set out towards Horton and All Cannings. The sun was shining and the temperature on the weather sensor showed 18 degrees (it went up to 20 as we cruised).

I took the opportunity to snap our flowers on the roof. Can you spot the narcissi about to come out! The planters have violas, narcissi and moscarii in them.

The planter by the stern hatch with its extras!

Our large planter mid roof

Dipper with cyclamen and moscarii

A basking cat planter at the bows, these bulbs are not so far on

John split his time between the tiller and playing with the GPS and I carried on with camera, relieving him at the tiller when necessary!

I also took some video and will work on creating something to watch in the next day or so. For those who enjoy listening to the engine sound and imagining themselves on the boat - as we used to - keep an eye on our blog for the link!

Because of the weather there were a few boats out and we opened Bishop's Cannings Swing Bridge for "Mollie May". Following them all the way to Allington Swing Bridge where we winded to return.

A fabulous afternoon and we feel quite refreshed now.

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