Sunday, April 20, 2008

All Cannings To Honey Street

3.15 miles, 1 hour 1 minute, 3.08 lm/hr

Finally a dry day! Also believe it or not some sunshine! Painting weather? You bet!

So we set off after lunch to our painting spot and John put the undercoat on both sides of the hull. Epiphany no longer has a red rash and from a distance looks much better. A closer view reveals that she needs a top coat - 2 actually as is John's practice.

The sun shone all afternoon and it was warm too. However there was still a bit of a wind as John found out when he winded in a well named winding hole! The boatmen of the past made use of the wind to turn - hence the name winding hole. Nowadays we are spoilt with engines and many of us have not learnt the skill of true winding, but there is definitely a right and a wrong way to turn if there is a blow!

So I dropped him off at All Cannings to pick up the car and continued on solo towards Honey Street. I passed a family of ducks and although I was passing a boat coming the other way I managed to count at least 15 ducklings! No photo though as I couldn't grab the camera in time - so you will have to take my word for it. John saw these few on his way down


Guess who was waiting on the towpath at Stanton Bridge (124)?

I suppose this is proof that he trusted me enough to leave me to cruise on my own!

John jumped on and we did the remaining few yards to Honey Street, mooring up just before The Barge Inn.

Opposite us on a hill a little way away is a White Horse.

It was a bit misty when I took this photo of the horse at Alton Barnes.

So tomorrow it is work for me and John will cruise back to Pewsey sometime during the day.

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