Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Evenings - Taste Of Things To Come?

Yes, well, life has been busy so no blogging this week! When I got home all I wanted to do was chill and not look at a computer screen any more! So only turned the laptop on for emails and to check TV listings!

These sunny evenings it has been so lovely to come home, have the swan doors open and watch the bunnies cavorting on the bank opposite. There are some baby ones

but if they stay in the fields all we can see are their ears chasing around!

I need to stand on the roof to get some decent photos and as I haven't done that for years I am not about to try - me poor ole knees won't let me do it anyway!

Talking wildlife, I forgot to mention that on our recent 10 day cruise I spotted 2 water voles. So it is true they are coming back to the canals. One sighting was by a veritable luxury apartment for water voles. It was above the waterline and had many entrances. As the Kennet and Avon canal was parallel with the River Kennet at the time I would think that they would also have the luxury of choice of front doors and view. A penthouse for water voles! Maybe the other was a poor relation as he/she only had one entrance and definitely no river!

So my weekend is here, no real plans. Probably a drink with friends tomorrow and maybe a cruise down to a convenient place for John to do some touching up on the paintwork. The weather is due to change on Sunday so we must try to make the most of the next few days.

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