Monday, March 31, 2008

The March Lion Marches Out. Devizes to Pewsey

11.14 miles, 5hrs 51m, 1.90 lock/mph

Sunday was a glorious sunny day, no wind so we were able to wind! We set off about 10.00, waving to various acquaintances on boats as we went.

We called in at Devizes Marina to have a chat, pick up outstanding post, pay outstanding electric bill and return the gate opener and letterbox key. They have a number of new boats arriving in April to replace those leaving and are full again!

Spring is well on its way with the blossom evident along the canal.

We filled up with diesel at Gibson Boat Services at Honey Street.

We really needed it as we were low and George is fairly reasonably priced for the K & A at 78pence/litre. George and his wife are always ready for a chat and we had a discussion about diesel prices and the problems that face boaters and retailers alike, over the new regulations.

His dog is always welcoming too!

After Honey Street we began to see many more boats on the move, mainly private. The warm sun had stirred the blood I think! We passed our friends from Bath Narrowboats, Dave and Ange. In two weeks they are off on an extended 9-month cruise around the system. If you see them on Nb Angels Payment do give them a wave! Lucky ducks!

Rather than going all the way past Pewsey Wharf to wind at Milkhouse Water winding hole – about a mile away, John decided to wind before the Pewsey Boat Club moorings. He then reversed expertly back to the wharf in front of some of the club members who were sunning themselves by the pavilion there! It is about a quarter of a mile so he was rather pleased with himself!

We weren't sure if this was the source of rumours that a bomb had been found at the Wharf or if it was an early April Fool from someone in the Boat Club.

After consulting with a fellow boating friend in the Waterfront Pub he came back with a possible answer to our Webasto problem – it could be that the exhaust was clogged up. He suggested John should turn off the diesel and run it for a few cycles until the smoke disappears. Then repeat as necessary. John tried this today and lo and behold we now have a fully functioning Webasto again.

Isn’t it great when other boaters share their experiences and advice? That is what boating should all be about, not fussing about politics and rules and regulations! Kindness and respect would be wonderful if we all practised it religiously!

Today it was fabulous to arrive home, in the sun and spend a good number of hours without needing the stove blasting out and in daylight. As I washed our evening meal up I could see a couple of rabbits chasing each other on the opposite bank. The wonderful thing is we have this outlook to look forward to for the next few months and I always feel so much happier once January, February and March have passed.

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