Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Quiet Day

Latest Photos - the album of our Easter cruise is now available here.

No cruising today. We decided to stay put, as we needed to do a bit of food shopping, take my library books back and find a battery alarm clock with a light. I like to know the time at night!

We wandered into the town, via Town Bridge and did all we had to do and I found a small travel alarm that fits the bill I think. Right at the time Metcheck foretold it started raining. However the time they said it would stop – 3 pm was wrong as it is still raining!

Boats have gone, some down the flight, which is only open between 8 and 1pm. As from 1st April it is 8 – 5. Boats have come, some possibly going on, others to stay for a few days. The boat behind us has had problems – his diesel was siphoned out and he has had to replace all his filters etc as well as getting more fuel. He saw our padlocked filler cap and is now thinking of doing the same. Diesel is rather expensive on the K & A so we recommend any of you coming down this way fill up to the brim first!

Our Webasto boiler packed up this morning – 2 things to check, diesel level and then whether it is coked up – again. We suspect it is the latter and John will have to spend a bit of time on it next week. Meanwhile we have the Morso stove for warmth and the engine for hot water.

We seem to have got the idea of when and how long we need to charge the batteries now and are able to keep things well topped up.

So tomorrow whatever the weather we have to cruise back to the car in Pewsey so I can go to work on Monday. Just a few days out seems like a bit of a holiday and refreshes me for the next week.

A reminder to set your clocks and watches to EST. What! Europe is even taking over the time now!

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