Thursday, March 27, 2008

From Pewsey Going The Other Way

1.95 miles, 44 mins, 2.67 lm/hr

We are off again! On our way down to Devizes. It is the weekend (for me from 5pm) and we decided to leave as soon as I got back from work. The sun was shining, birds singing and all was well in our world!

We made for Wide Water, you may remember it is a widened stretch of the canal just West of bridge 120 Lady’s Bridge. Due to the whims of Lady Susannah Wroughton who owned this stretch in 1793, an ornate bridge was built (1880, attributed to John Rennie) and landscaping of the marshland took place. £500 was also given to appease her objections to the canal. I hope the lady was well pleased!

Her capitulation has given us boaters a mini Tixal Wide and a tranquil place to moor. There is plenty of wildlife and at the moment, a nesting swan pair. Of course the potential dad is a bit territorial and inspects all the visitors to his piece of canal. Tonight there are 3 other boats here too but we are well spaced so no one will be a nuisance!

We are now replete after a meal of chicken fajitas expertly cooked by John, a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate. We are very happy bunnies!

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