Monday, March 10, 2008

Wind and A Magic Roundabout

Windy eh!

Technically we are in the West Country so as the forecast was a gale warning we expected a windy night. Not having to worry about tides, the warning of floods and a very high spring tide went unheeded except for a fleeting thought for Cornwall - we visited Porthleven a couple of years ago and witnessed spectacular waves crashing against the harbour.

So when the rain and then the wind arrived in the night we felt quite confident about our mooring and the items on the roof. Yes it was a bit noisy, but no damages or losses thank goodness. Travelling to work there were twigs on the road and as the gales continued all day coming home there was a tree down by the roadside.

At the weekend we went to Swindon. Now there is a town to avoid if you dislike roundabouts. The so called magic roundabout consists of one roundabout with 5 mini roundabouts. This was easy on Sunday but must be a nightmare at peak times!

One day the council hope to take the canal right into the centre of the town by restoring the North Wilts canal with the help of the Wilts and Berks Trust. Read more here

Anyway we went as we decided that we would splash out on a Vodafone USB modem for mobile internet. We had been recommended this as the one that would meet our particular needs! We managed to get a bargain as they did not have the one we wanted, which would have cost £39, so they gave us the equivalent for free!

So far we are impressed! The real test will be when we cruise!

I will leave you with an early morning view from our bows last week in much calmer weather!

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  1. We had the first (I think) Magic Roundabout here in Hemel Hempstead around 35 years ago. It has worked well ever since! It was the junction for 6 roads and was horrendously congested until someone 'cast a spell over it' and it became 'Magic'.


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