Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Enjoying The Cut?- We Are

Only two days back at work and I am ready for the weekend already! Still that is only one day away as my weekends include Fridays!

This is great as we can cruise over the the 3 day weekend and plan to go down to Devizes to tie up a few loose ends with Devizes Marina.

The weather forecast looks foul, but as we have discovered this area can sometimes have totally different weather to the forecast! Maybe it is something to do with the Salisbury Plain! So we will go "out" nevertheless.

Nb Dragonwyck passed us this evening - she is owned by the manager of the marina and her husband. Trevor shouted out "enjoying being out of the Marina?" John replied "very definitely!".

I am especially enjoying watching the boats go by, which we missed in the Marina; also the boat movement is more pronounced. So all in all it was a good move to the Pewsey area!

Boat movements have definitely increased, so it looks as if people are taking holidays this week instead of last week like us. I suppose they will only increase now although this area is sort of "no man's land". By which I mean that it is a good 2 weeks cruise for Reading Marine Boats and so also for hire boats from Bath. Foxhangers Boats and Alvechurch are a bit nearer but the Caen Flight and the rest of the Devizes locks are a bit of a barrier for some.

So are Spring and Summer really on their way? Well certainly around the corner we hope

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