Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kintbury To Hungerford - A Really Pretty Stretch, Now

2.99 miles, 1hr 46mins, 3 locks, 3.37 lm/hr

We woke to glorious sunshine. We both slept in as I had had a bad night – something I ate I think! It didn’t stay down!

After a lazy breakfast in bed I began to pick up. John did a bit of undercoat on the stern where they were some bad scratches caused when trying to wind in too small a space! We now have a white starboard band instead of cream!

Next it was time for a polish – all the starboard coachwork. She looks a treat on this side now – so much so that we had 2 compliments today. “What a beautiful boat” said one lady; another man commented “What a nice boat”. It does make one proud – but not too proud as you know what the saying is!

So after lunch we set off for Hungerford – it was chilly but sunny. All the trauma we had coming down on this stretch was erased as it is such a pretty stretch without the floods!

The 3 locks were all straightforward and the weirs well behaved!

Brunsden Lock 77

Wire Lock 76 - compare photos

The weir at the top of Dunmill lock 75 was clear and the water at least a foot lower!

Compare this photo with the ones below!

So we arrived at Hungerford. Moored behind the trip boat, disturbing the sleeping ducks whilst we did so!

For some reason they all congregate on the off side and then go to the opposite side by the bridge for food from the humans!


  1. Sorry to hear you were poorly this morning Fiona. Hope you are feeling better this evening. We dug out our Nicholson Inland Waterways Map and it now lives on the dining room table so we can track your every move!

  2. I am fine now - well apart from a dicey back thanks to Hungerford lock today! Hope you can still find room to eat. LOL


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