Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Batten Down The Hatches - Again

It has been squally all day. This evening the "ole boat" is rocking away! Not quite like a cradle though as there are groans from the fenders, gusts of wind, rattles on the roof and to add to the fun the odd plane!

The wind must be in another direction today as I cannot hear the trains so much (just the occasional horn, not the clatter) - unlike last night. The station is about 10 minutes walk away (downhill) so pretty close. Those of you who know the Kennet and Avon canal will remember that the train tracks come close and stay with the canal from just above Pewsey until Reading.

However after a while they become part of the scenery and the background, not bothering most boaters, but an attraction for train spotting boaters. We know fellow boaters who can tell the departure station, destination, type and age of the loco and even times of the trains passing on the canal! I read somewhere that if the wind is in the right direction (or wrong direction if they bother you!) the noise of trains can carry over 3 miles.

We are now counting the days until our Easter cruise. We shall leave on schedule in a few days despite the bad weather forecast. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! I think I have quoted that before - boring!?

So come back to follow our travels and photos, not long to go.

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