Monday, March 24, 2008

The Joys Of Weed Hatches, Wootton Rivers to Pewsey

2.5 miles, 48 mins, 1 lock, 4.33 lm/hr

There were a number of boats on the move again today – a Sally Boat hire boat and Hannah one of The Bruce Trust’s boats. A couple of private boats too. We looked at the local weather forecast, which predicted rain in the morning, but clearing up after lunch so decided to stay put until then.

Unfortunately as we moved off from the mooring we became entangled with some BW netting – supposedly to stop bank erosion we think.

When I say tangled it was enough to stall the engine. One look down the weed hatch and John’s heart sank! We had netting and posts thoroughly tangled around the prop.

It took scissors, a freezer knife, lots of patience and perseverance and an hour later we were free.

He's smiling now!

John then tried to tidy up the remaining netting, securing it with one of the posts but another unwary boater could easily do the same, as it is not obvious that it is loose.

What was left before John secured it

The same appears to be happening the lock end of the moorings before the lock landing. So if you are ever there - beware.

After that we had a pleasant cruise back to Pewsey. The sun shone all the way and despite the cold wind we enjoyed the final leg of our cruise.

Looking back towards Wootton Rivers Bottom lock (51) through Bridge 109

It has been an eventful 10 days or so! Becoming stranded in a lock, experiencing flooded towpaths and locks, a fast flowing River Kennet in the Newbury area, canoeists on the Devizes to Westminster race and finally today’s episode. All part of the rich life on the cut that means each day is different and has it’s own challenges.

So now it is back to “normality” for a few days as I return to work and John catches up on boat jobs, weather permitting. The sky is as clear as a bell tonight. The stars are showing their glory and we have just returned from a meal with a fellow boater followed by a quick drink in the Waterfront – perfik!

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