Friday, March 14, 2008

Wootton Rivers to Great Bedwyn

5.8 miles, 5 hr 46 mins, 13 locks, 3.27 lm/hr

We woke to a few spits and spots of rain, but nothing to put us off cruising!

We both had a few jobs to do on the boat, me some tidying up and John some general checks. He went down the weed hatch as we both felt Epiphany was not responding well to the helm. Lo and behold a plastic coal sac was wrapped around the prop!

John is just ready to cast off.

We set off about 11.30 to do the next 3 locks in the Wootton flight, turn and turn about as usual. Cadley lock, Wootton top has heavy top gates so I left that one to John! Next is Bruce tunnel, which leads on to the Crofton flight of 7 locks, an approximate drop of 61 feet. Again we took it in turns to do the locks, although in batches of 3 each! I know that is only six, the last one I started and John finished.

3 Canada Geese kept us company in the pound after lock 60.

Also the trains! I mentioned their proximity to the canal in yesterdays blog.

After lock 61, Crofton Crossing Lock was the failed Crest weir that closed this part of the Kennet and Avon canal for a few days last week.

3 locks then continue the journey to Great Bedwyn. Lock 62 Longmans Lock, Lock 63 Beech Grove Lock and Lock 64 Bedwyn Church Lock. There are permanent moorings between 63 and 64 and this time there were a few empty and a BW advert for moorings at lock 64. We know from experience that the bottom gates of 63 and 4 are very heavy and definitely more that a 9 stone 10 person can manage!

Passing Great Bedwyn Wharf we spotted all The Bruce Trust boats moored, and one is being taken out on a training course this weekend. I presume for some of their new volunteers. I know the boats are all booked for the summer season and no wonder as they are very reasonably priced.

We moored for the night near our usual spot after Great Bedwyn Bridge 95. We are a bit further along as there are a number of boats here so it is a bit shallow. Fortunately John has long legs and I will not need to get off the boat! We can see the trains going in and out of the station, but it all goes quiet at night!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it. Am really looking forward to following your journey - have fun!

  2. Welcome and thanks Sally-Ann.Not sure if you have picked up that we are from Cornwall! Note the
    Ensign! John is Cornish - from Newquay originally! Love your blog too - we will be visiting regularly

  3. Hi Fiona,
    Yes I had noticed the Cornish flag flying as your Ensign! Glad you like my Blog - I'm a newbie at it but hopefully will get better.


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