Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, Here We Are

February blew itself out well and truly last night and March is a definite improvement so far! We had a short cruise today. The weather was wonderful and we needed to turn around to moor on the moorings here, our base for a while.

We popped into Devizes first to do a bit of shopping - a digi box and aerial as we need a secondary source for the TV when we cannot see the satellite! Managed to bag a couple of bargains at Focus and Currys.

When we got back there was a space ready for us so off we set to Milkhouse winding hole about half an hour away. It was so sunny and despite the keen wind we did not need to many layers. We had lunch on the go and winded to travel back into the sun.

You do see some strange sights on the canal but protesting terrapins is a new one on us!

Rather clever though!

So here we are moored next to nb Summer and in "prime" position.

Looking towards the bridge, spot the red satellite dish on Epiphany

John is now having fun trying to assemble the digi aerial - fortunately there are instructions in English but to quote "it is a bit of an MFI job". I think he means because of all the parts.

Thanks to Sue from No Problem who has passed on her experience of mobile internet, (referred to here) particularly on the Kennet and Avon canal from when they were down here waiting for No Problem to be painted at Devizes.

How about this for a display of daffs and violas- I am so pleased!


  1. an amazing display! Mine won't look like that will they... sob. Splendid - you must be proud!

  2. Thanks Bones - I am not known for my green fingers. I just stuffed the bulbs in after I had thrown the violas in! I have rather neglected them since so maybe if you do the same - who knows! LOL


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