Saturday, March 08, 2008

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was John's birthday. We have our son Craig with us for a few days and as the day was sunny we set off to visit Avebury. Craig has wanted to visit the heritage site for ages and we parked had took a quick tour.

From there we drove "up to the smoke", or "up to Town" as I call it - being a Londoner by birth. We had booked to see Ben Elton's "We will rock you" at the Dominion, Totty Court Road. All of us are Queen fans and the musical is based around their music.

We went around the congestion charge area as we arrived before 6pm, but once that hour arrived we were able to go further in and found a parking spot not far from the theatre. A quick dash into "Subway" for a foot long and we arrive for the show - John's birthday treat.

It was very good, lots of contemporary references, really amusing and the music was excellent. Whilst it was not Queen of course, the use of their songs to weave a story was clever if a bit hackneyed and obvious! A quick resume of the plot without spoiling it: The musical is set in 2308 when music has died.

All that is left is formulaic Ga Ga music. The Dreamer and his friends the Bohemians set out to rebel and find the way to resurrect creative music.

The House was full and the cast received a prolonged standing ovation which was well deserved.

The remaining members of Queen were not too keen on the idea at first but now the musical receives their full backing and is endorsed by a link on their web site. The legend that is Freddy Mercury, his musical genius and incredible voice can never be replicated but the Queen sound will continue.

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