Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Excursion In Wiltshire

This morning our friends from Bath Narrowboats passed us on nb Angels Payment at the start of their long cruise. We saluted them from our stern deck and wished them well!

We thought about a short cruise today, overnighting somewhere and then back. Then as the weather began to change and look unsettled we changed our minds.

We decided to go for a drive and walk instead. One day last week I found myself on Pewsey Downs, visiting a volunteer. I was very near the Pewsey White Horse so I took John up there today to explore.

We could see rain to the west from the top of the Downs but decided to cross the road, go over the stile and walk to the top of the horse.

This is one of 8 visible in the county.

Of course just as we got there it began to spit! By the time we left we were in a full blown hail storm - boy do those hail stones hurt the face!

We finally got back to the car wet and very cold. After drying off a bit we went for a drive which ended up at Crofton pumping station for a cup of tea and delicious warm lardy cake - a specialty of Wiltshire.

Then as we drove along by the canal on our way home who should be exiting the lock (58, Crofton flight) at the bridge (101) we were about to go over but our friends on Angels Payment! They had made good time - I hope they didn't think we were stalking them!

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