Friday, April 11, 2008

Towpath Talk - April Fool?

I picked up the April copy of Towpath Talk today. As usual it has some interesting articles. I see they are trying to be inclusive of all the users of inland waterways - a couple of articles on fishing, pictures of cyclists and of fishermen too! A very worthy aim that BW, SOW and others also aspire to.

However has anyone spotted the "deliberate mistakes"? Or maybe they are meant to be an April fool?

There are 4 photos of fishermen fishing in the canals, one is repeated on the contents summary. Only problem is - in all the photos they are breaking the Waterways Code! (page 2) Pictures usually speak louder than words I am told - see if you can find them.

Ironically 2 of these photos are within the BW special 4 page spread. Now who, I wonder, created the Waterways Code?

I think we all need to promote good practice and consideration. We all know how very annoying when this is disregarded by others. I hope this "mistake" will be rectified in the next edition of Towpath Talk.

P.S When read it makes great paper for starting fires!

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