Sunday, April 06, 2008

Return To Pewsey

5.84miles, 2hrs 11mins, 2.67lmph

All Cannings is a quiet mooring - most of the time. Early evening there were some racing bikers disturbing the peace, fortunately not for too long! The village although very visible from the canal is a good 5 - 10 minutes walk away. So the general feeling is of mooring in beautiful countryside.

At about 6 am it blew a houlie - so much so that I locked our stern bathroom door which was banging as it is missing a catch. That is now fixed as it was one of the jobs John had scheduled for today!

At 7 am this was the view out of our cratch window - and it was 0 degrees outside, brrr.

Looking at other blogs it seems we have got off lightly as there is much more snow "oop North"

However the sun shone and we spent the morning pottering on the boat. Noon was F1 time so we had lunch over the prelims and after the disastrous start for Lewis Hamilton I went to make a coffee sponge and just listened! It just was not his day. Still lots more of the season to come.

After the race we set off back to Pewsey. We were well wrapped up as it was very cold with a biting wind. But the sun still shone. Once we were moored up, the satellite set up it started to snow again, through the sunshine! It is now 6 degrees and there is a beautiful clear blue sky

Now I am sitting with my feet up as it is John's turn to cook. His specialty, vegetable curry. Just the the smell of the chick peas cooking is making me hungry!

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