Friday, May 02, 2008

Cruising Again - Pewsey To Woodborough

2.07 miles: 1h 0m 28s: Locks:0 Bridges:7
Average speed:2.05 mph (2.05 lock/mph)

A lovely evening to begin our early May cruise. The sun shone as we set off towards west towards Devizes. We were hoping to moor away from it all after a couple of hours.

There are quite a few moored boats at Wilcot. The sheep in Stowell Park seemed happy. I am not sure what the one by the fence was trying to do!

More boats were at Wide Water, we see these four regularly moored together on the stretch towards Devizes. I think that Russell (BW Patrol Officer) must have been around as all the continuous moorers have moved a bit! The four boats at Wide water had about 6 dogs and at least 1 cat between them.

There are now two swans nesting there by Lady’s bridge, one in the usual spot and one almost floating at the edge of the canal. I will try and get photos on our return journey.

We spotted a deer at the edge of the woods not far away but at the noise of the boat it bolted. When we were on our way back from Westonbirt last week we herded one along the road until it managed to find a gap in the hedge. They seem to appear in the evening – maybe they think we have all settled down by then!

There is a fairly straight bit after the moorings beyond lady’s bridge and we moored half way to Woodborough Fields Bridge. To our starboard a field of rape seed, Pickled Hill and Woodborough Hill; to our port a field leading to Lambpit copse – a picturesque name?

The sun was still shining and it was sooo quiet! No phone signal either!

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