Monday, May 05, 2008

Trouble On T' Cut. Breeding Swans, Moorhens Et Al

8.78mls, 4hrs 19mins, 2.03lmph
We woke to rain this morning and had a leisurely breakfast. The rain began to clear up so we thought we would move before lunch.

Nb Juno passed us, pretty speedily, but John managed to get a photo.

A few minutes later a look out of the bow windows and the camera was out again! Ahead of us The Apple had been moored: a very big wide boat built by Blue Water Boats – we have encountered it frequently this year! Oh dear look what happens when boats pass others too fast!

The Devizes Marina Day Boat had a problem. No room to pass. However, they were able to moor and pull The Apple back in. We hoped they had made it secure in case the same happened again.

After that we set off and despite a small shower the weather was warm and even became sunny and hot! When we pulled in to Gibson’s at Honey Street for some diesel it was very hot and we had a good chat to George as we filled up.

At Woodborough Fields Bridge I took some photos of the views where we had moored our first night. Klein Active was obligingly moored to add to the view!

Pickled Hill

Woodborough Hill

Just past Lady’s Bridge the swans had produced! Ahh…..

Dad was on patrol and I think it must have been him I saw on the floating nest when we passed before – he was on guard distracting us from the important event!

There were also some squatters next door!

Another mum was on her nest too – we spotted her back near Honey Street.

So on to Pewsey Wharf for water and the elsan and then up to Milkhouse Water winding hole to turn around for our journey back to Pewsey. The Waterfront Bar and Bistro were very busy and everyone was watching the boats – even the boaters on the moorings!

So now we are settled – we hope to see Sally-Ann and Mike later, show them Epiphany and then go for a drink! Work tomorrow – ugh!

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