Thursday, May 08, 2008

Save the Continuous Cruiser

From the NABO website

"THIS IS URGENT - NABO is on a BWAF panel to discuss future licensing and, between now and the meeting on Monday 12th May, wants to give its members and other boaters a chance to answer the two questions posed by APCO in its petition/survey regarding 'Continual Cruisers' and wide beam craft.

Just three clicks are needed on this very short web form please."

If you are a continuous cruiser the first question is particularly important -

The two questions asked are:

  1. Do you think that Continual Cruisers (sic) should pay a higher licence fee equal to the cost of combining the average linear mooring fee with a private boat licence fee?
  2. Do you think that wide beam boats should pay a pro-rata licence fee (Length by breadth)?
Of course, if continuous cruisers don't have web access, they won't have a vote, will they? OTOH, non-cc-ers with broadband will. Hardly democratic, then, but nevertheless a vitally important vote.

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