Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painting Football Fan

So I confess I am writing this with half an eye on the match - Man U v Chelski! I am not really a football fan - more a rugby fan, but if they can go half the way around the world to play I suppose I can keep half an eye out! John is the fan!

I arrived home to a smarter boat! John has painted the port side gunnels and down to the rubbing stake. He also had the blue gloss out for the stern hatch, engine room hatch, the bows and finally to finish the paint off and with my help, the blue on the pole and the boat hook! Still more to do but that will wait until the next batch of decent weather! It has been lovely here today.

Maybe it was because of the very kind words on "Dogsontour". Thanks Sarah. I love your style of writing! Maybe it was because we like to keep Epiphany looking decent. Left too long and you never do it, as is evidenced by some of the boats we see!

For the second time in two days we have been asked the meaning of Epiphany. If anyone is curious have a look at out home page!

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