Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Bits And Bobs

A busy weekend - no cruising but good all the same!

Friday we met up with Jon from Bath Narrowboats and the owners of Nb Minty, built after Epiphany, who are down on the K & A for a while. It was a good evening! We will be on the BN stand at Crick helping out again. BN are taking an "all singing all dancing" narrowboat with some lovely features. Worth a look if you are there!

Saturday was an inside "spring clean" well, floor and dusting and windows! Now we are no longer using the Morso it is not such a thankless task as there will be less dust! A dose of Dr Who - really funny I thought and then email catch up.

My best and longest friend (in time that is!) is now in email - yeah! We have known each other since we were 3, and both married Cornishmen! They are in Canada and not having a land line any longer meant we were not able to gas for hours! So we are able to be in touch now although I think she is on a steep learning curve - "go Ray"!

Today we put on our glad rags for Church and then had a drink in the Waterfront - some wondered what the occasion was! Back to the boat and immediately into jeans - I am able to relax then.

As it was sunny I cleaned off the tar on the roof from the chimney and polished the red rails. They will need a paint soon - red is the worst colour for fading. I also had to get rid of duck poo as we seem to attract it at the moment! That's when a water spray comes in handy as it seems to be effective to get it really wet and then blast it with the jet spray from the ironing bottle! As I don't iron it has come in useful.

We see Nb Alacrity has a picture of Epiphany in the distance and we also spotted Nb Ten Bob Note further up the moorings this weekend. So the K and A is popular with bloggers again this year. We await Nb Petroc's arrival!

So the forecast looks reasonable for this week. Is Crick going to be dry - I dare not hope too much!

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  1. John (Alacrity)19 May 2008 at 12:39

    Hi John & Fiona,
    I consider my wrist slapped!!!for not reading your blog.
    So sorry not to have met you.
    We were just returning from a week in Dorset (with no web access) and just passing through.(no excuse)
    Hope to meet you both at Crick


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