Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cruising Again, Bikes, Boats And Bevvies

John brought Epiphany up to Pewsey today; he enjoyed single-handing in pretty good weather. He did the first swing bridge on his own and was watched by the crew of a Devizes marina day boat who had just gone through! The next one he was helped by the day boat so maybe they felt guilty!

At Lady’s Bridge he passed the Sustrans boat – the cycle network across the country was created by Sustrans. The whole of the Kennet and Avon canal towpath is part of the network.

This network was suggested by a Childrens’ Conference held in the early 90s in Manchester in conjunction with an international conference on the Environment and “green matters” – can’t remember the title! Craig reported on the conference for BBC Newsround as a result of winning one of their competitions. We are proud to say that he was on national TV and it was repeated in their various reviews during the year too. Of course we have the video! It was all over the local press in Cornwall too -but he just wants to forget it, particularly as he interviewed John Gummer of the burger fame!

We are moored at Pewsey, amongst a long line of boats – John took the first one, which was about 10 boats from the wharf, but they stretch into the distance the other way!

Behind us is an interesting boat too. Nb Woodbine.

A close up of the bows shows an interesting interior.

We seem to be collecting pictures of interesting boats. Maybe I shall make it my new hobby! Enough now – time for a bevy in the Waterfront pub on the wharf.

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