Friday, August 03, 2007

Out With One, In With More Or Vice Versa

An early start this morning to get Angela back to her car. It is a beautiful day again so we opened everything up to enjoy the sunshine.

Angela’s L-plates were only just back on when we got to the first swing bridge. But the boat went nowhere. So down the hatch went John! It was a jumper stuck fast around the prop. Maybe one of the campers at this bridge had lost it! Anyway after a bit of sweat and toil it was unwound and we were on our way again.

That’s the first one on Epiphany, I am sure there will be more to come over the years. Despite aching muscles our crew was game for the next bridge too! It is nice being surplus to requirements – sometimes!

So for the moment we are back in the marina, catching up on post, blogs, emails and washing. We await a call from our next guests this weekend. Namely my nephew Phil, his wife Molly and the two boys. Dom is 10 and Nathaniel is 9 months.

We cannot decide whether to stay here overnight or to go out onto the cut. Today is a bit busy with hire boats returning! It is much quieter in the marina. It looks as if it will be the former now.

Do you remember the question on my blog about the sign, a couple of days ago? Here is the answer. It is on the stern of The Matthew - a replica of John Cabot's ship that went on an expedition and ended up somewhere else, spoiling someone's claim to fame. Now you will have to follow the link to find out more!

More interesting boats and ships at Bristol last weekend.

Little and Large - SS Great Britain and a narrowboat that paraded up and down all afternoon!

Marines on parade. They were escorting the Mayor's boat up and down the floating harbour.

Ah now - a Gig. This brings back memories of Cornwall where there were regular Gig races in Falmouth harbour and the Carrick Roads. Gigs were used as lifeboats or to race out to pilot a vessel into harbour. First there got the job!

The John King was taking paying passengers for trips all day.

Finally for today - a beautiful sight (I definitely do not mean the occupant), a wonderful wooden boat, thoroughly modern though I suspect.

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