Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Sun Shines On The Righteous!

It was a very quiet night at Great Bedwyn. This was the evening down train.

We did not hear any trains. We got up fairly early (for us on holiday!) as we wanted to attend the 9.30 service at St Mary's church - the one we visited yesterday. Hence the title! As we crossed the canal and railway bridges we saw why there were no trains - engineering on the line. Men and machines. Hard luck if you wanted to travel to the West Country today.

The service had a very small congregation, 4 men and 11 ladies and 1 Vicar - yes I counted when my attention wandered! We made our escape and wandered back to the boat with a fellow boater also attending the service. This time we went from the church over the railway and walked along the towpath. Nb Owl is moored here between above the lock and I remember it from our 2001 hire boat holiday and always looked for it when we flashed past on the train going up to London. (The boat with the windmill)

After a slap up roast - cooked by yours truly, and a lemon meringue pie, we watched the Grand Prix. Never mind - Lewis came 5th due to a puncture; he can't have it his own way all the time! I have to say though that Massa is a brilliant driver too - at least he doesn't talk in a mumbled monotone. Know who I mean!

When the sun had cooled a little (it was very hot by lunch time) we reversed to the water point, or rather John did - and an excellent job. We watered up, did the the necessary and reversed into the winding hole to turn - perfik!

As we slowed for lock 61 someone on the bank called "John?" We looked up as he called "we read your blog". He had been taking photos of Epiphany, and John had a bit of a chat. They are having a boat built and are at shell stage. They found us from No Problem's blog! The boat is to be called "Time Will Tell". John didn't have time to catch your names so if you are reading this do contact us from the website or blog.

4 locks back to Crofton - would there be a mooring spot? Yup, just as we exited lock 61 a boat pulled out and we were able to moor in what is becoming our normal spot. We have moored just before the lock landing again!

The moorings behind are full.

Right back to lock 61.

I will be able to watch the Proms tonight, as this mooring gives us a satellite signal - Michael Ball is starring. (....Oh! I just realised that's tomorrow night!)

Since we moored there have been at least 8 boats descending lock 60. We will be going up tomorrow so if the same happens again we will meet a few boats. If not the locks should be set as the bottom paddles should be left open.

Just along from us is a boat called "Arcadia", no not you Sarah and Andy - even you could not get down here so quickly by boat!

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