Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Debate Goes On

To rescue or not, to train or not? Now what can we be debating? Maybe some of the photos I posted recently might give you a clue, here and here.

All my life I have had one. Since we have been married (all that time!) we have had one and now we are without one. Our last one died just over 2 years ago and he was very special!

His name was Bailey and he was really affectionate but on his own terms!

We have had a Smokey 2 (I had a Smokey as a child), a Chocolat (French without the e) and wonderful Bailey, still greatly missed. Craig has 2 cats and he had them as kittens.

Brandy and Took are still very photogenic but rather uncontrollable!

So now we have to decide. We have read all the letters in canal magazines, all the questions and comments on the canal forums. Hey ho - next question, could we take a cat if we go visiting on land?

I think we need a very adaptable, calm, affectionate canal cat, so we will take our time and not let our hearts rule our heads. So Friends, Boaters and Countrymen any ideas?

PS. Anyone interested in changing their car, check this out:

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