Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dogs And Cats

Well it was dry when we woke and the sun began to shine. The car park on the Wharf opposite us began to fill up and the gongoozlers were out! The moorings were full again and during the morning narrowboats were breasted up whilst owners and hirers went shopping in Tescos, Sainsburys or even Morrisons – all of which are in walking distance of the Wharf.

Andy and Sarah arrived for coffee – leaving their 5 rescue greyhounds in the motor home in the car park.
They were very kind and said they liked Epiphany very much, remarking that seeing her in the “flesh” was very different from the photos on the web! As usual with narrowboat owners we chatted about canals and boats! It was great to get to know them a bit this weekend and we hope we will meet again – definitely on the web and maybe on the cut one day.

The afternoon stayed fine so I was able to try out our stools in the bows and they are just right. I enjoyed myself reading and blogging (in Word, ready to go up when we return to the marina later). Other interesting things also happen on the Wharf. To the right is the sanitary station - I bet they don't let on their photos were taken by the Elsan point!

On the boat in front of us there was a gorgeous cat, just like Smokey 2nd, a cat we had years ago.

I am quite jealous and tried to entice it onto Epiphany but no luck! (Good job as I think the owners might not like me catnapping it) Maybe one day we will have one too, here’s hoping as I do miss not having a cat (or two?)

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  1. If I didn't love my cat so much I would've posted her to you. She has a lovely habit of bringing mice home who then take up residence in the bilge. Yet I still find her cute even after taking the boat apart to evict her "pets".


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