Monday, July 02, 2007

Water Problems In And Out

They say things go in threes! This morning we woke to find that the Webasto wouldn't start as we forgot to run the engine for a bit yesterday as we only had had a short cruise. So no hot water - a splash and a dash wash for me before going to work. I do so need my shower to wake me up!

Next John did a wash on the way back to the marina and the machine did not spin so soaking washing when he started to empty it. When I got home we fiddled with it and after a while I managed to go back to basics, test the spin with machine empty and bingo its working again. I think it got its knickers in a twist (oops unintentional pun) and needed rebalancing.

Thirdly I started the washing up after dinner and I could feel something dripping on my foot. I looked in the cupboard under the sink and it was a little wet. A packet of paper towels had been pushed against the pipes and part of the waste pipe had become dislodged. A mop up and dry out job.

So we are back in the marina, lots of post, empty cassettes, land line, broadband and shore line - all the mod cons! Warm and now dry in but definitely not out. How can the rainfall be below the highest recorded level?

Oh no the washing machine is still playing up. Time to investgate more thoroughly! Sorted - there was a blockage in the outlet in the shell - a jeans label which must have come off in the wash last week! So no repair bills, as my DIY man John found the problem!

I promised some photos but its now late and my bed time - you will have to wait!

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