Thursday, July 19, 2007

The son has come, you won't get left behind

Yes, our son is coming on board for a few days, so finding time for writing a blog may not be so easy - but we'll try. It's John taking over this time - mainly to keep up our 100 Top Boating Sites rating. It's the competitive male thing. (Understandably) Fiona gets fed up with my daily reporting of our visitor count - so if you want to keep the marital boat calm, all you have to do is visit the blog every day ;-) "All we are saying is give peace a chance"!

Having said we have a visitor coming on board, that is dependant on my design of ramp & platform. I finished the prototype design in wood yesterday, which should do the job this weekend, but long term we are looking, with Bath Narrowboats, at a deck-board platform, with adjustable legs. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the prototype this afternoon. Basically our two ladder ramps, pictured here:

will be joined together to make a ramp onto a platform stood on the bow gunnel and the mooring pontoon. (P.S. The ladder "planks" are not the most attractive part of the picture - now can you see one and a bit in shot?) My, how we have cluttered the roof since this picture!

We're not sure if we will be going out on the cut this weekend - depends on the weather mainly; but if we do it will be towards Pewsey as Craig will be catching the train back from there.

Well, I must do my chores. As the new website will say when it gets online: "follow the star!"

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