Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Photos - At Last

An early start to writing this this evening in case a. the laptop plays up. b. I get distracted by TV and c. another crisis occurs!

Anyway the weekend seems a long time ago now, but here are some photos. For the narrative see blog "From Wharf to Pub in the dry" June 29th.

A couple of "different" boats moored between Devizes Wharf and Kennet Lock.

A lovely old wooden river cruiser. We hired on very similar to this the first time we went on the Broads. There were similar boats on the Thames. No doubt an expert could tell me the type of boat.

Are we meant to pretend that we can't see the boat?

Going down Kennet Lock (50) and then under Town Bridge. Note the paraphernalia on the roof - fender, water hose coiled in life belt as we were only going out for a weekend. Normally it is stored on a holder in the bows. My lovely blue flowers, wood, then boxes full of wood and roof box containing wheelchair. A planter of geraniums come next. That is John pretending to concentrate on the water flow out of the lock. I do not visit the garage in the distance as its petrol is expensive!

Waiting for the boat behind to catch up at Trust Lock, just before we moored up opposite the Black Horse Pub.

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