Friday, July 06, 2007

A Good Job Started - To Be Finished

We are all waiting for some dry weather, aren't we? Silly Question! We have two options for this weekend, (my weekend starts on a Friday morning!) one for dry weather and one for wet.
Dry option - work on the outside of Epiphany - touching up, polishing, staining the stools.
Wet option - after discussion with John I discover we do not have a plan for this! Wrong again!

There is a story behind the stools. We have been tossing around ideas for seating in the cratch. It has to be multi purpose, moveable and comfy. We want to use it as storage and as a step to help get Craig's wheelchair into the cratch and then down onto the next level before the bow cockpit floor. The seating has to be movable as we like having the cockpit as clear as possible. The idea eventually was to have 2 stools, box shape storage which could then be stored under the cratch table. As seen here under construction in Bath Narrowboats workshop

So we then had to find them or make them. We looked at various garden furniture - no good. The we went to look at a wood yard and thought that boxes made out of decking would do. Then on a visit to our local DIY store yesterday we found the solution.

The top box has a lift up lid and the lower boxes are open and the stack makes just the right height we require. With some coloured varnish and a loose cushion on they will be ideal. We will probably use them to store recycling and maybe some other bits and pieces we have in the cratch.

So it was a good job that this afternoon was dry. John put the first coat of the coloured varnish on the stools. I did some grouting in the shower, polished the starboard side and the cream line we have on the roof. I also washed the outside of the portholes. Tomorrow we continue with the same - WP!

P.S. (from John) Anyone know where we can get some firm foam cushions (covered in navy) 40 x 30 x 4 cm?


  1. Hi Fiona & John, don't know if these will be any good, but we got some seat cushions from IKEA, 40cm x 35cm x 4cm. They come in lots of different colours, and seem to recall that they had them in Navy. Bargain at £4.95.
    Hope this helps...

  2. Thanks Del & Al - I shall have a look at their website. We have found a couple of other sources too.One will personalise them with a star and they are made to measure! They will also do them in foam
    If anyone is interested!
    Hope all goes well with Derwent 6


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