Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Activities For Slees

It was worth watching the F1 GP even if Lewis came third. He is an amazing driver and has a lot of years ahead of him to win the British Grand Prix. He really has to watch the Ferraris though!

To make up for it Roger Federer won Wimbledon - brilliantly. Jamie Murray is in the mixed doubles final and the way he and his partner are playing - who knows.

I am roasting a stuffed shoulder of lamb and my tummy is rumbling at the smell - Sunday evening roasts are one of John's favourite meals! Me too, and I do cook a "mean" roast!

John finished varnishing the stools today - photo when they are assembled and you can see the before and after. They look good! Cushion hunt is still on but we have a couple of leads. This firm advertising on Ebay will do us a personalised, made to measure cushion. Personalised with a star motif of course! We are waiting for one more quote and then will make up our minds.

I cleaned out the porthole rims and cleaned the portholes in and out. There was a lot of sand in the rims from the build but now they are clean so any condensation will run away efficiently through the drip hole.

We went down to Devizes Wharf between all this activity to a Songs of Praise, run by all the churches in Devizes (there are so many in the town!). It was OK as these events go but nobody looked as if they were really enjoying themselves! Whilst there I spotted a boat called "Cressy" - familiar name eh! Couldn't get a photo though, as it moved before I had a chance. Shame. It is safe to say that she did not look like the original "Cressy" at all!

They came from Welton Hythe, on the Grand Union, Leicester Section. This is owned by Weltonfield Narrowboats. Strangely our neighbours in the Marina "Apollo" have just had their ex hire boat from Weltonfield repainted and new windows put in. She looks very smart and certainly not an ex hire boat. Weltonfield no longer have a hire fleet and concentrate on boat building and moorings.

Hooray - Murray won - pride is restored!

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