Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Does One Do On A Rainy Saturday?

1. Get up late - have a semi Canadian breakfast - definition: eggs, bacon, fruit and fried bread, unfortunately no maple syrup or waffles on boat!
2. Watch golf
3. Encourage John to get lunch: result- salmon and cucumber sandwiches, yum!
4. Watch F1 practice: no result, bad accident, at least Lewis is OK and may race tomorrow
5. Watch golf
6. Encourage John to go out shopping so Craig and I can turn off the TV. Craig to continue using my lap top (which I have now kidnapped for 10 minutes!) to talk to his mates and do a bit of writing. Read "Life on Air" by David Attenborough
7. Watch golf, watch our neighbour nb Apollo go out for 3 weeks: lucky duck. They were going onto the Wey & Arun - maybe not now 'cos of red boards etc.
8. Get bored, sit in cratch, got to do something. Make bread, therapy and feel better!
9. Watch golf, blog and wait for the chef to do his stuff again as it is his turn to cook this evening!
10. Realise that despite the weather and perhaps because of the weather there is nothing better than living on a narrowboat
11. Watch the news, sympathise with all those evacuated, air lifted or stranded.
12. Marvel at the pictures of the boats on the Severn, Stratford on Avon, Evesham and elsewhere
13. Hope for some really decent weather for
a. boat jobs such as touching up and varnishing
b. cruising with friends the weekend after next.

Where is the prayer mat/stool?

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