Thursday, July 19, 2007

David Bailey I Ain't

John promised some photos of his makeshift ramp! Hopefully my attempts will give you an idea of the idea! It did shift the first time he put it together so a re build resulted in this.

A view looking Into the bows! - Very makeshift!

Looking out from the bows. The black step is our top step in the saloon. The stools are now in use (at stage 2 of their creation!) as you see with non-slip pads on top. The cushions are ordered, arriving next week.

We did have a minor panic - or rather Craig and I did, so he gave me his mobile, wallet and leather jacket "just in case" he "did a Dad" and fell into the marina. Actually it all went well and once we have a deck-board platform with adjustable legs it will get even better!

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