Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun In Bristol, Next Instalment

A busy day for both of us - me at work and John on Epiphany. It is a 2 day week for me as I am taking some leave whilst a friend and ex colleague visits from Cornwall. It will be her first experience of a narrowboat and we plan to cruise to give her the full experience. I can't quite believe the weather forecast for this week but today was a good start!

John has started and hopes to finish touching up the paint work so that he can keep on top of any damage to the boat and it doesn't become such a big job. Oh how I love the smell of paint drifting in the swan doors as I write this! (Not). I am counteracting it with the smell of baking bread, just proving and about to go in the oven.

I promised some more instalments about Bristol Harbour Festival. There were some replica three masted "Tall Ships" - I put this in inverted commas as I think of the Kruzenshtern and the Mir as Tall Ships. I remember being awed by seeing the Sedov come into Falmouth Harbour under full sail and the discipline of the crew as they furled the sails and entered harbour standing on the rigging. A never to be forgotten sight.

One of the ones at the Festival was the Jeanie Johnston a triple masted replica of a 19th Century Irish famine ship carrying emigrants away from the Irish famine in the mid 1800s.
Remarkably she was the only ship not to lose a life through sickness or accident unlike most of the "coffin ships" of the time.

Entertainment in Millennium Square included such diverse acts as these lads.

Known as the Cosmic Sausages they were highly entertaining for both children and adults and drew a huge crowd, including us for quite a while!

Cirque Bijou managed this stage area and set up the rigging for an aerial acrobatic display whilst we watched Cosmic Sausages.

Rather him than me but I loved his hair style!

Also in this area is Explore@Bristol, this reflecting globe marks the spot!

This was an interesting sign on the stern of one of the boats or ships.

I will leave you to guess which. Can you name it? I will let you know if you were right in the next blog, sorry no prizes but you can get brownie points for leaving a comment!

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