Monday, August 27, 2007

How To Get A 57ft Narrowboat Into A 50ft Mooring

We are moored at Pewsey, where the car is so I can go to work tomorrow - boo hoo! The moorings are very full. As we passed nb Wild Jasmine they called out that we could moor against them. So we stopped and reversed back. They told us they are another of our readers. Great to meet you and thanks for your help!

There was a 50ft gap behind them so John decided to reverse into it and leave the bows against them. As we completed the manoeuvre the crew from the boat at our stern (nb Nanshe) took the rope and then offered to move forward - which they did. Still 4 ft adrift, the boat in front of them (Challenger 17, nb Valour) then realised he could move forward! So we managed to get in with a bit to spare. Thanks one and all.

Last night at Crofton was another quiet calm night with a "lovely moon out there".

This morning we heard a bang on the roof - looked out and Milly M passed us. Bones had a chat with John - apologies for his "morning designer look"! They were mooring up and going over to see the steaming. We were planning to too as we also wanted to see the amateur radio set up there. John and Craig were radio hams a long time ago.

Although there was still fire "in the belly", unfortunately they were having problems and had to shut both engines down.

It could have been a blocked inlet, something stuck or else ..... they were scratching their heads - it is unusual for both engines to fail at the same time.

The leat was dry - no water going to the top of the locks, the electric pumps were off. How long before the canal ran dry?

We met Maffi and his crew leaving and had a quick chat. They were going on. We stayed to see if they could get the number one pump going again, Harry Willis (Chairman of the Crofton Branch of the K & A Canal Trust and an experienced "driver") tried to get her going, but no joy. So they will need to investigate thoroughly. Such a shame for all the visitors today.

So it was back to the electric pump and Robert from BW went across the lock to turn it on.

We came up the locks with nb L'escargot who were unable to go astern. A problem with the drive shaft. They are nursing the engine to the nearest boat yard which is Devizes as they will need to take her out of the water.

John will take Epiphany back to Devizes sometime tomorrow and hopes to take advantage of the good weather to do some more touching up of paintwork.

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