Sunday, August 05, 2007

Epiphany Cargo Carrying Company

Yesterday afternoon we cruised with some "cargo", I mean passengers! The weather was unbelievable and my Nephew Phil and his Wife Molly and two boys, Dominic and nine month old Nathaniel, duly arrived after lunch. They brought their friends too, Mark, Sarah and family, so our "cargo" consisted of 4 adults and 4 children. The Skipper had his hands full and I enjoyed spending time with my family!

We cruised towards Allington on the Kennet and Avon Canal. This meant we went through Bishops Cannings swing bridge.
Another boat opened it so the children didn't get a chance to try their hand unfortunately.

Unlike cargo they joined in and really enjoyed the day. All the children had a turn at steering as did the adults. My Great Nephew Dominic has been doing some sailing at school so took to the tiller with a minimum of coaching.

His Father, Phil relived some of his youth and a boating holiday with Mark and was also a natural!

We have learnt a good lesson however. Phil's keys fell out of his pocket into the canal. The sea searcher magnet failed to find them.

At one point it looked as if the family of swans were helping in the search too! Arrangements were made to get the spare key but it was quite a trip back to Sussex to get them.

The lesson learned was - be like airport customs - have a receptacle for visitors to deposit valuables, keys, wallet etc. on boarding the boat! That way there is no danger of "valuables overboard"!

Anyway I had my chance for lots of cuddles with Nathaniel - he is a real character.

As did Uncle John.

Nathaniel enjoyed exploring some of the boat, but wouldn't have his nap as there was so much going on! Molly had her hands full sometimes.

Today is a "rest day". Catching up on emails, blog etc and also watching the Grand Prix of course! MacLaren are really having a hard time so despite the disputes and tension between drivers it was good to see Lewis Hamilton put in another win.

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