Friday, August 03, 2007

Wandering Along

Rain this morning? Now where did that come from? Yes I know – the sky! But it was not forecast. It was supposed to be dry and sunny until Sunday. Liars. Anyway we pressed on towards Honey Street. Skipper steering, wusses in the bows under the cratch cover. Actually it gave us a chance to have a real natter and catch up on gossip from Cornwall.

Eventually it began to clear and after bacon butties on the go, the rain stopped, up went the cratch covers and we enjoyed some sunny cruising. Angela put her L-plates on and we began to weave along the canal! John was his usual calm self, instructing her.

I just sat in the bows and relaxed. Oh yes, on the stool – seen here in all its glory!

We waved to Graham, proprietor of The Waterfront at Pewsey Wharf. Just a little further, past all the moored boats we winded. On our way back we stopped at the wharf for water for a drink in the café. There were some very threatening clouds so we quickly resumed our journey, making for Honey Street.

Unlike the morning, there were plenty of mooring spaces so we decided to moor and spend the night here. By this time it was glorious again and the crew went for a well-deserved drink at the pub!

Gradually the moorings filled up and there was plenty of convivial chat over drinks outside the pub! It was a noisy late night for all.

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