Friday, December 28, 2007

Bedwyn Here We Come!

1.62 miles, 4 locks, 2 hours, 2.81 lm/hour

We had a few tidying up jobs to do before we left Crofton this morning. We set out after an early lunch at 12.22. – So exact!

Despite the weather forecast of rain for the morning, it was dry but windy. As we set off another narrowboat arrived from lock 60, moored and lifted their engine hatch. As I walked to set the next lock I asked them if they had a problem, trying to be friendly. The two guys replied, “no just admiring it”. I assume they were being sarcastic, but maybe they do spend their time down engine holes for fun! I just grinned and carried on.

Lock 61 had quite a bit of water flowing over the gates. As I said previously there is a plentiful supply of water on the Kennet and Avon canal at the moment.

As John was at the tiller, he had the camera. I think he enjoyed “playing” as you can see from this photo!

He also took an “artistic” one of me to prove that I am still capable of doing the locks.

I did 3 of them on my own and walked between 2. John helped with the 4th, the final one before mooring at Great Bedwyn. We took 2 hours to get here, not bad as we definitely did not rush and the wind made steering a bit hard.

Once moored we relaxed – listened to the wind and wondered where the rain was that they forecast. An hour later it arrived! And so it continued for the rest of the afternoon and evening.So that put the kybosh on a walk into Bedwyn until tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow we have some guests. Our friends John and Carolyn will join us for the day, possibly for an out and back cruise, depending on the weather. Definitely for a meal out!

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