Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Continue The Theme

Continuing the saga of West Kennet Long Barrow - I have uploaded a video of our visit. Follow this link.

Today we still have sun, but I think it is a little warmer. Indoor jobs today - cleaning, paperwork and washing!

It appears Scrooge is still alive and well. Some chap has been asked to limit his decorations outside his house and stop collecting for charity. Shame.

Foe some reason we feel more Christmassy this year. Maybe it is because John is not buzzing around like a blue ........ fly! Time to be calm, tranquil and be together instead of me sharing him with a Parish!


  1. Hi guys - great to receive your Christmas news, albeit quite a bit of not-so-good news -- but positive overall. I see you've got a link to RBOA: have you joined yet?

    Our love and prayers and wishing you joy and peace at Christmas and every happiness in your new life afloat!

    Phil & Sue

    PS: Our latest news

  2. Hi Phil & Sue, Yes we are members of RBOA! Great to see you on our blog. Maybe we will see you on the cut with nb Almost before too long - our ultimate goal is to continuous cruise. Thanks for your Enews
    Have a good Christmas too,
    John & Fi


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